The work of relaxation.

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We have a tendency towards the dynamics of “living through our work and living to work”, and towards thinking that taking a rest only interrupts the rhythm. Nothing seems more important than managing to complete all our tasks on time, sacrificing part of the quality of our lives. We cannot deny that work-related questions are evidently very important, but companies are ultimately made up of people, and if they are obsessed with their work, they can reach a level of stress that can be harmful for them as well as for the company. It doesn’t come down to working less hours, but to finding a moment during the day or the week for yourself, when you can forget all your worries and the obligations that you have like any other person, in order to come back recharged with energy and enthusiasm. It seems incredible, but a few brief instants of relaxation can make a big difference between a satisfactory performance and a remarkable one, although many people think it’s a waste of time. We aren’t machines, and always pushing the limits won’t help us to perform better; on the contrary, it can even cause health problems.

There are many ways to achieve this, and usually they are very personal, as the relaxation methods that work for one person may not work so well for another. Apart from the characteristics we share, each person is unique and should therefore look for their own way to find a few moments of time for themselves to organize their ideas without disturbances or stress. There are few better places to find more relaxation than in the midst of nature, where there are no worries or obligations, just living. Who hasn’t found moments of complete nonchalance while surrounded by water? Due to its salt content water is capable of conducting electricity like the best of cables, and it also seems to take our worries and carry them far away where we can’t even think about them, and replace them with peace and quiet.

In conclusion, relaxation is not a waste of time, in the long run it actually gains time, so finding a moment during the day to stop and regain forces is one of the best ways to face our daily routine.

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