• Solutions

  • During the drawing process there are a lot of improvement opportunities just using the right geometry and the right products to produce the drawing dies.

    Unfortunately, we accept some inconveniences as normal, and we only act when the situation becomes a visible problem, like wire breaks, die breaks, short die life, etc.

    Usually we don’t think we can improve them reducing the scrap, improving the die life and as an immediate result, improving the quality of the wire and reducing purchases of the different materials.


is the method we use for training, problem solving  and for all our products.

Our goal is not to teach you, we are just a guide to help you to find your answers, to solve your problems or to develop your own working methods or procedures.

By experience we know this is the best way to avoid they come back. You are always the source of your solutions.

  • Wire manufacturers

    We consider a priority to avoid difficult situations instead to react correcting them, saving machine stops, wire scrap and the need of dies replacing, which usually have a high cost.

    You can ask us to evaluate your process in order to prevent further problems or to control your die shop in order to have always the right dies ready for changes.

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  • Die manufacturers

    When it’s time to design the right dies or to support the customer properly, not always they have the right people available. In this way we will be one extension of them, adding capabilities to the already existing.

    We provide support in the production field as well, doing operators training or improving the manufacturing process itself, reducing the reprocessing and automatically the stock.

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  • Machinery & Lubricants

    Our approach to wire drawing machinery & lubricants is completely different and quite unusual right now.

    With the right support they will improve their products and also will be possible to follow up the test knowing the results immediately, avoiding inconvenient damage in a important quantity of dies.

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