Our Company


  • FDM Global Solutions your wire drawing consultans.

    We are focussed on cable manufacturers, tooling producers and machinery builders.

  • Skills

    Our staff is highly qualified and collects more than 30 years of experience worldwide in wire drawing and drawing dies.

    • Extensive knowledge of cable industry
    • We use our leadership skills to offer highly valued solutions
    • All our projects have measurable results according to customer requirements.
  • Experience

    Our projects in Europe, Asia, USA and South America were basically focussed in different activities:

    • Wire drawing process improvement
    • Wire drawing process problem solving
    • Wire dies design & production for steel industry
    • Drawing Machinery and lubricant start up

Our board

    • Joan Flo, Co-founder

    • Joan Flo Ros. Co-founder

      He starts his career in drawing dies production. For more than 30 years he performs different tasks like Quality, Technical Direction and Operations Management for the top wire & cable industries.

      Thanks to his professional career and experience worldwide, actually he is one of the best dies & drawing experts.

Our Core Values

    • Commitment with our customers

      We contribute with our wide experience, knowledge and effort to reach client expectations.

    • Independents and objectives

      Our criteria and analysis are not determined by any product or supplier.

    • Highly efficient

      The customer cannot lose time and profit, our solutions are always applied to keep the customer working as usual.

    • Guaranteed Solutions

      Find the best solution is a must.