Drawing Machinery & Lubricants

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  • FDMGlobalSolutions offer you the best knowledge about dies, supporting you in your start-up or helping you to carry out new projects.

    We know is not really usual, but you know the convenience of the analysis of the drawing dies when you change a lubricant bath  or you test an important modification on a drawing Machine.

    Sometimes is too late when you discover that for unknown reasons after the test, a big part of the dies are just destroyed. In this kind of situations is always possible to know the reasons that make it happen, but is always impossible to restore the initial situation.

  • Support

  • We can support you in the design of the best tools for your products or after sales services visiting the customer in your name and taking care of your products.

    We can be present in your start-up or test, monitoring all the points in the right time in order to avoid possible problems with the tooling.

  • Training

  • From our point of view there are two ways to look at the training: One is the view that as a user of the ISO, TS or any norm we have to keep training for our people and we have to justify, the other view is that training our people they have more knowledge, they feel better, they feel more comfortable with his job and obviously they achieve better results and they feel more compromised with the job.

    We train your people from the factory and your supervisors or directors in order to have all the info about the products they are using in their factories. Always a certificate is delivered.

    We can do the training seminars as a part of periodical training, as a preventive action after a problem is solved, as a part of your events o meetings or as one more activity related to your professional activities.

    We can train your people about basic tooling knowledge in order they understand better the relationship between the dies and your products.