How many cables are there in your life?

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Presently in our daily lives we could say that just like the planet Earth and water,  cables form three quarters of everything that surrounds us. They’re everywhere, although they are not often considered as important as they really are.

They are the main component in any area related with technology, which is why our lives would be much less comfortable without them. Surely when we hear the word cable, the first thing that comes into our heads are the cables of the electrical transmission towers, computers or television, but there are many more beyond what we see at a simple glance.

In our society, Internet has become extremely important, and if you aren’t connected to the web on a daily basis we can be seen as old-fashioned. And what is it that allows us to connect to the Internet? Effectively, thousands and thousands of cables. Moreover, in the car industry, there is a progressive increase in the tendency to use electric components in production, for which once again,  cable  is essential.

Our houses also have immense electrical installations which require  cable  in order to function, and even more if we refer to automated homes that need even more cable. If you would like to know the advantages of having  an automated home , this article by Top Cable will tell you.

What has changed? Cables used to be seen everywhere, but now there is a  tendency to make them less and less visible, for esthetic reasons, security and comfort, but they have never left your side.

The wire-drawing industry is in charge of producing cable, so its participation is essential in allowing us to have all of these conveniences today. If you would like to get to know their production process,  in this article by FDM we will tell you.

AppliCABLE to any and everything,  cables  are always there.


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