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  • The fine line between accident and success

    People tend to make mistakes, it’s something natural and normal on a day to day basis. What’s less natural is how these these errors can be accepted and turned to profit. Nevertheless, throughout history many of the greatest discoveries ever were made by accident, mistake, oversight; in other words, they were unwanted. Let’s have a […]

  • Basics of drawing process

    Basics of drawing process

    Welcome to our second post. For sure some people working in the wire and cable industry is listening from friends or family, questions like these. There are a lot of situations in our life when these kind of questions appears, and for sure to answers our friends, family or others is not easy or they […]

  • Mensaje de Bienvenida

    Welcome from our General Manager

    This is the first post in our blog and is the right time to explain few things. First of all this blog will mainly be related to technical questions, but the first one in our opinion should be something different.