Living in a Smart City

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Smart cities are the natural evolution of the model cities of today. the search for a more sustainable and more economical model is leading to their progressive transformation, and with time more and more cities will start integrating this concept in order to become intelligent cities.

This is a change in philosophy compared to the present city model, because via new technologies there is an attempt to increase the interaction between cities and citizens. The result could be considered an interactive city where everyone can participate, and it establishes a permanent connection among all the areas of the city so that they become a set of connected infrastructures dedicated to serving people, which allows for better resource management and efficiency in offering services to citizens.

As mentioned, this is obtained through the use of new technologies, the instant exchange of information. The role of the Internet is essential in facilitating communication, especially the Internet of things(IoT), which permits interaction at any moment with the city by using a mobile telephone, a computer or any appliance that allows an internet connection.

It’s important to stress that to bring all of this about, the use of cables is necessary. Once more we are becoming surrounded by CABLES in our daily routine, and now even more than before, since everything that surrounds us has to be connected to make a model of the Smart city possible.

This revolution accentuates the growing weight of the Internet in our society, as living without being connected to the web will become more and more difficult, and we are provided with the opportunity to reduce economic costs as well as the amount of time necessary for many of the activities we need to accomplish. Internet is the present, but above all it is the future, and
Smart cities are more proof of this.

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