Coaching: To sell or not to sell, that is the question

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The world of sales consists mainly of human relations, of touching on the emotions of others and persuading them that you have what they need. That’s why a good salesperson has to master these relations if he or she wants good results.

Coaching tries to make use of the abilities that will allow salespeople to achieve their goals, by improving all aspects in the salesperson-client relationship. The coach wants the person to bring out the best in him or herself and for this reason self-criticism is necessary in order to become conscious of one’s limitations and virtues, and once these are clear, it’s the moment for training to make the most of them.

In sales, verbal language is just as important as non-verbal, and one of the most important aspects is to avoid using words with negative connotations. For example, the product that you want to sell to your client is not going to solve his problems – the word “problem” is prohibited in the commercial sphere. What your product can do is improve his situation even more. As tiny as each detail seems, the mastery of these little aspects helps a lot to convince a possible buyer that your product is what he needs.

Equally important as knowing how to convince your client is knowing how to convince yourself. Showing any kind of doubt generates mistrust, and even once a high level of persuasion has been reached, it won’t work adequately if the salesperson does not exude confidence. For this reason coaching tries hard to know how to reach a goal, as well as how to motivate employees and help them improve their ability to adapt, as each client has peculiarities and differences,  and in every situation a good salesperson has to know how to find a way to reach the buyer.

Coaching is, therefore, a tool for training salespeople, to strengthen all the abilities that they don’t have or already have and can improve, but it isn’t something that focuses only on the world of sales. In everyday life we are dedicated to selling ourselves continually, to convince others, appear confident or achieve a goal, and coaching provides this plus in confidence and knowing how to manage any situation.

Remember, life is a constant sale, so sell yourself well!

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