Can we live without copper?



The history of the evolution of human civilization has always been connected to advances achieved thanks to the use of copper. Starting with the first civilizations, it was not uncommon to find an abundance of richness tied to the intelligent use of this material, since it possesses properties that give it great resistence and durability.

Copper is not only useful in the field of technology; even our bodies need certain minimal quantities in order to function correctly, so how could it not be important in our history if our very organisms demand it?

The copper revolution started thousands and thousands of years ago, but it would be a mistake to think that its use stopped with the discovery of other materials. In the present day copper has numerous applications, and its use may increase in the future. To give you an idea, a house requires approximately 200 kilos of copper in order to have all the necessary services and structures.

We would like to point out the presence of power cables in our society, in our surroundings, wherever we look, and it’s important to know that in the majority of cases they are made of copper, being a material that conducts electricity efficiently. For this reason, a much smaller quantity is needed for conduction purposes in comparison with other materials, which is not only efficient, but economic.

As mentioned, the use of copper may increase in the future, since the use of the Internet and the world 3.0 will require unimaginable quantities of copper cable in order to guarantee global connections – those that make it seem like there are only a few seconds of distance between one part of the world and another.

The process by which copper is converted into cable is called wire drawing, and on our blog we tell you how it works!

In light of all this, is there any doubt whether we can live without copper?

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